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Genf20 Plus Review

Is Genf20 Plus Really An Anti Aging Miracle?

You are smart to be wary of HGH supplements that make incredible claims. There are many human growth hormone supplement products on the market and it’s hard to know which is the best for the money. Let’s have a look at GenF20 Plus so you can make an educated decision.

The pituitary gland produces human growth hormone (HGH), which plays a role in childhood growth. As adults, it keeps organs healthy and our body’s strong. By middle age, According to GenF20 Plus, HGH production drops from 600ug to 90ug, leading to signs of aging including weight gain, lower energy, decreased libido, and less muscle. GenF20 Plus HGH is a natural hormone releaser that uses nutrients, amino acids, and peptides to kick start the pituitary gland into releasing more HGH.

According to the manufacturer and several medical experts, GenF20 Plus safely offers a powerful way to increase energy levels, build lean muscle mass, improve mental function, boost sex drive, improve sleep, and decrease fat. When combined with diet and exercise, GenF20 Plus reduces wrinkles, improves metabolism, improves workout recovery time, and lowers cholesterol.

GenF20 Plus tablets and oral spray boost HGH using natural ingredients such as :

  • Arginine helps the body produce up to 3x more HGH, burns fat, and improves male fertility.
  • Lysine increases HGH production.
  • Ornithine is 2x more effective than L-Arginine at producing HGH
  • Glycine aids in prostate health, calms the brain.
  • GABA & Pituitary Powder – helps your brain and nervous system communicate better.
  • Glutamine Improves metabolism, muscles, energy level, and maintains cell growth. Reduces cholesterol, blood pressure, diabetes, & heart disease.
  • Tyrosine Improves metabolism, thyroid health, and reduces fatigue.
  • Astragalus Root Extract – Increases healing, improves the overall function of most organs.
  • Deer Antler Velvet – Contains growth factor IGF-1.
  • Glucosamine – Creates new cartilage tissue
  • Colostrum – is a good source of IGF1
  • Valine Repairs tissue and muscle.
  • GTF Chromium Improve insulin activity.
  • Phosphatidyl Choline Breaks down fat, helps the body absorb all the GenF20 Plus ingredients.

Let the consumers speak of GenF20 Plus HGH

Erik Finland
Note :

Trust me or not… but before taking this shit i was 60 pounds more heavier ! and no it wasn’t muscles, it was all just fat ! And trust me also that i wasn’t taking selfies in the mirror like i did for this testimonial, as i was of course ashame of myself ! I am a geek you see and i like to spend time on videogames, i was subscribed to a local sport club yes… but i always had better to do on my screen, and it was a good excuse for me to avoid any workouts ;-) Then Genf20 entered my life one day, and 1 year later here’s my body ! Yeah of course it took a good year to lose it all… but for somebody who was a Geek before (still a little now of course lol) i find the results are pretty good ! now not only my WoW avatar is bodybuilded, i am too lol !

Bruce New York
Note :

hello i am bruce and i am glad to deliver my review of genf20. first of all i tryed genf20 because… at some point i was feeling bad in my life, and i was needing something to give me a kick in the butt ! I have read a lot of reviews overtime on GenF20, some good and some bad… even lot of bad things ! and i have to admit that i bought this product, because i was tired of reading all these negative reviews. It’s like another company had orchestrated it all to bring genf20 down… And i am the kind of guy who like to try things which are described by others as the black sheep. So i bought it, i consumed it and since… that’s the only product i am still taking… some years ago i had lost my job, i didn’t know what to do in life and now since genf20 ? I am a firefighter and also sport model from time to time, and this cropped picture is one of many others from my book. I am making good money, i look like if i was 5 years younger and a lot of younger boys are wondering how i do to stay in such a form. The answer is not difficult, genf20 plus helped me to achieve all of it. But of course to understand that you have to try it first.

Alberto Italy
Note :

greetings ! if you want to know what to feel great is, then the answer is genf20 ! It’s a friend at my local gym who bought it, and over the course of months he really grew in muscles ! So one day i just asked him what bodybuilding supplement he was taking, thinking about some new gainer like muscletech or dymatize trademarks. And no he just told me he was taking some HGH pills, i didn’t even know what HGH was… until of course i began to use it ! Well… you know i was seeing the results on my friend and i was a little jealous ;-) !!! So i’ve bought some bottles, took all the pills as directed over the 3 next months and noticed some really good results. More workout performances, more motivation and even in my general life i was feeling more powerful and happy, and also more confident about my own future. It was like somebody had put a new smile on my face, and i was simply enjoying life better than before.

Zoe Indianapolis
Note :

I’ve been taking this stuff for 3 years now, i began when i was 32. It’s very effective as it does pretty much what it’s advertised to do, and not even only over a long period of time. Because i noticed immediate effects, as my nails were growing faster on the very first month, and more importantly they were more resistant ! Very useful for a woman as our long nails are easy targets. I also believe it has improved my muscle tone and kept my hair fuller and darker. Of course it’s difficult to pinpoint all these improvements, as i am not watching me during hours every day i have a life ! ;-) Anyway when we grow older it’s like we’re swimming against the tide… So even if this product is just slowing the things down, for me it’s good enough ! After all i was looking for anti aging pills, so i was not deceived and i highly recommend them.

Benjamin Portland
Note :

Before genf20, i was mainly relying on caffeine and energy drinks to make it through the day, but then i would wake up at 3 am with shakes due to the high amount of caffeine in my body. These HGH pills truly changed my energy level within 3 days. It has cut my consumption of energy drinks out, well ok i still drink one or two once in a while but not the liters i was drinking before ! And now I can have refreshing nights at last ! I keep telling my wife how amazed i am with this new energy level. It also enabled me to save money on energy drinks and other supplements, because i was taking some bodybuilding tablets alongside with coffee. So all in all, GenF20 Plus made me feel 15 years younger… i am not exaggerating ! Seriously it’s now part of my daily regime until… I die ? hehehe ! Well i don’t know for how long i’ll continue to consume it, but since these 3 months i am feeling good as never before ! So maybe one day i’ll decide to stop but for the moment i am just eager to continue over and over ! That’s maybe the greatest supplement on earth, and here it’s cheaper so keep up the good work guys !

Lucas Las Vegas
Note :

I work in a stressful environment, and so i need to be aware of everything all day long… Working in las vegas as a security manager is not something peaceful trust me ! I’ve used genf20 plus for a year or so, and also another brand of HGH release before that (but i switched because of unreliable availability). It boosts energy without edginess and improves muscle tone and endurance. I could clearly see the difference at the local gym, i could lift more than before, run on the treadmill longer than before and even do some more sets ! My friends even asked me if i was on steroids lol ! It also improved my skin tone and texture, alongside with decreasing overall aches and pains. Now there is also a sublingual spray going with the pills, even if it was included in the price i was skeptic about it… you see i always thought tablets were better assimilated than sprays ! But in fact… the spray seems to facilitates uptake of the tablets, and by combining the ingredients of both the results are even better !

Krystel Spain
Note :

hello i am here to tell you my experience with genf20 plus, as i am consuming this supplement since 4 years now. i began when i was 29 because i had trouble to lose some fat “where you know women have some”… As you can see on my picture my butt is an important part of my physical attributes, and if i like it now it’s because of GenF20. taking these pills have helped me to lose fat, and tonify my skin over the first months and now 4 years later i really like my body. I am not doing a lot of sport because i have a job where i walk a lot, working in tourism to help tourists discover the marvels of my country. So i needed a product which could suppress the fat accumulated over the years, and without the need to spend 1 hour running outside every sunday morning. Genf20 succeeded where no other products previously did, and i can tell you that i have tryed many fat burners ! But apart from sweating and being more stressed due to the high cafeine dosages, i never lost as much as i did with genf20 !!! So yes i definitely recommend this product.

Chris Holland
Note :

Apart from smoking weed and fucking premium quality hookers in red light district, we dutch are working hard at gym ! And so most of us are taking products coming from the united states, because the dosages are higher than what we find in europe ! And… well as long as you know what you’re doing it’s the best way to grow muscles for cheap. GenF20 was a product i heard about 6 years ago, and it really changed my life ! Actually it didn’t only help me to perform well in gym, but also in life at my day to day work, where i was able to focus even more during meetings. Of course i also used more recently the newest version called GenF20 Plus, more expensive than the original (6 bottles for the same price of 12 before) but also more powerful. I am taking it since 1 year now… by the way i am 31 and i know… my body look like i am only 25 ! All Thanks to GenF20 !

Sebastian United States
Note :

A lot of people are saying that HGH pills do not work ! You know at first i wasn’t even knowing what HGH products were ? Some friends told me you had to do injections in order to get the best benefits out of HGH… but then they told me it was highly expensive. And of course none of them actually tryed some HGH pills, they were just all assuming that it was shit… as many others i decided to test it, buying just 1 bottle at first and then… after 1 month i bought the full package ! Man maybe GenF20 Plus is largely less efficient than HGH injections, because i’ve never tested HGH injections and i don’t want to anyway, but then i am wondering how powerful is a HGH injection as GenF20 Plus is already Awesome ! Frankly this product is Powerful ! it’s giving you a Mega BOOST in everything you do ! You can see i have a hard body and never did i get such before taking these pills… understand that there was a before Genf20 and after genf20 ! And now that i know the effects, i will not go back in time… on the contrary my life is now the best i have ever felt ! So people can talk shit about genf20 all they want, but when you try it it’s like the hand of god on your shoulder !

Is there a Risk to order GenF20 Plus ?

No buying GenF20 Plus is Risk Free ! Ingredients are 100% all natural, without any side effects.

More importantly, Is there a Risk if you Don’t Buy GenF20 Plus ?

Yes when you think of it seriously there is ! In the society we’re living in, it’s very difficult to keep up with all the things people are asking from you. Your boss always want you to be more productive, your family always ask you to be more available, your friends are telling you to be more flexible. Peaceful moments are a thing of the past, and you need to be on constant red code alert to manage your life. Burnout, long-term exhaustion or simply going crazy, are then just the results of this stressful life. Any responsible person should watch this closely and take measures.

GenF20 Plus hgh pills ensures you will avoid suffering from a disorder of the mind, keeping it sharp, thinking even more clearly than before to manage your life effectively, helping you to overcome obstacles by being more resilient.

Hi Marco ! Tell us first… why HGH and not something else ?
Marco HGH Pills Real Consumer
Hello ! ok first of all i wasn’t looking for HGH years ago before finally discovering it. I was actually trying to lose weight ! You see i was the sort of guy who is spending hours in front of his computer, playing to video games, losing time chatting with virtual friends… and of course trying forever to find a girlfriend ! I was… and i am still what you can call a Geek or a Nerd.

Okay so you didn’t even know the benefits of HGH in the first place ?
Marco HGH Pills Real Consumer
Absolutely not and i wasn’t even aware of it’s existence ! All i cared was to lose weight, because when like me you’re playing to video games all week long, sometimes even 14 hours a day during the week-end, then you have not a good diet and you’re eating junk food and fat food, like pizzas, sandwiches, milkshakes and liters of sodas. So of course i had a lot of pounds to eliminate.

Did you try sports ? fitness ? working out in clubs ?
Marco HGH Pills Real Consumer
I had strictly no motivation at all to do that… you know like me that when you’re at home sitting in an armchair, watching tv or in front of our screens, it’s very hard to motivate to get up, put on some sports clothes and then doing what your brain doesn’t like to do. It required a will i had not yet. Sure i had some weights and bars at home with a little bench, and even a homebike… but like many people on earth i bought those only to say “i have them”, now to buy something is good but to use them is better !

How did you find out about HGH Supplements ?
Marco HGH Pills Real Consumer
In Mid 2003 i was doing some researchs on the net… at least even if i was not good in sports, i was good to browse the net lol. My goal at that time was to find a miraculous product which could remove all the fat from my body ! Without sports, without anything more than just swallowing a product ! Of course now after years i know it’s impossible, but when you’re a beginner on the subject you think everything is possible ! So i found fat burners, appetite suppressants, hgh pills, numerous bodybuilding powders and a lot of other things… In fact my screen was overwhelmed of discounts, miraculous products which could all solve my problem !

And then you decided to order HGH Pills ?
Marco HGH Pills Real Consumer
Well… it was tricky as i am living in france, and never before did i ordered something from so far ! (i mean from a country thousands of miles away) so first i have spent 2 days reading about HGH. I was eager to find a solution to my problems of course, but i wasn’t going to swallow anything at the same time ! I needed guarantees ! Losing weight okay, but if it means my life is at stake then no !

So after these 2 days you finally made your choice !
Marco HGH Pills Real Consumer
Yes i went for a little package of 3 bottles of GenF20 the original formula, not even the advanced GenF20 Plus available now. Because as it was my first supplement order, at least if it was a scam i knew it wasn’t so much of a loss. Then of course if the product revealed itself to be the solution to my needs, needless to say i would then become a great client in the near future.

Was it delivered fast to your home ?
Marco HGH Pills Real Consumer
Actually no i had to wait for 2 weeks ! but it wasn’t a mistake from the manufacturer, it’s just that customs in france are very strict, and packages coming from any foreign countries are kept at the airport for further inspections. So the package was delivered in no time to france, but then it stayed more than 1 week at the airport. Hopefully i received it and i began to consume these little pills.

How long did you wait before observing results ?
Marco HGH Pills Real Consumer
Depends on the kind of results, because it actually brought me many results on various things… The first benefit i saw lol… i am laughing because i had not ordered it for that, was a MASSIVE erection on next day ! That means i began to consume these GenF20 Pills on Day 1, and on Day 2 so not even 24 hours later, i had a first result which was totally unexpected ! So even if my weight problem was still there, it was funny to observe such a reaction on Day 2.

How did it go then with your Weight Loss Goal ?
Marco HGH Pills Real Consumer
Actually many things happened in my life since i began to consume these pills, i didn’t lose weight from one day to another but i began to think and act differently. First my mind was less filled with dark thoughts, as you know when you’re fat and living your life through virtual things, you’re not enjoying life so much and i was kinda depressed. Well then… after 1 month of consuming HGH, it was like darkness was slowly removed from my head and i could start to think clearly again, and i was able to take back my life in my hands !

I see, so it gave you more motivation at some point ?
Marco HGH Pills Real Consumer
Oh Yes it did ! I was hanging out with friends like me, who were all entangled in dark discussions… vampires… gothic and so on lol… and i totally quit that over the 2nd month. I wanted to become someone else, as my actual appearance was disgusting to my eyes, and to the concept of a healthy body i had when i was watching my idol Arnold Schwarzenegger ! So in order to change my life i had to change all my habits, it began with my entourage, my friends, and then my diet which passed from Fat to Healthy food, and of course Sport ! I became addicted to sport ! It’s like i had a surge of new energy every day, and i had to spend it in workout sessions.

How long did it take for you to achieve your objective ?
Marco HGH Pills Real Consumer
More than just 3 months of HGH to say the truth ! But this HGH Supplement certainly gave me a kick in the butt ! Before consuming these pills it was inconceivable for me to do sports, my mind was not prepared and it was like working out would have been the death of me ! So it took me 1 year to really lose 30 kgs ! Of course during this year i ordered the diamond package of HGH, as every months it kept the motivation flowing through my whole body.

So your main goal was reached, but did you achieve anything else ?
Marco HGH Pills Real Consumer
Yes sir ! i was also jobless and thanks to my mother i was still living with her, without paying the bills… she knew there was something wrong within me, but it’s hard for a mother to guess what’s the exact problem is, when her son (me) doesn’t want to speak about it. So as i have been successfull in changing my body, i then began to search for a job. I was as motivated to find a job, as i was to workout my body ! i found one and so i had the body and the money… but still something was missing in my life.

Loneliness maybe ? you told us you had no girlfriend… ?
Marco HGH Pills Real Consumer
Exactly ! You see i wasn’t proud of myself at all, and when you’re living in a body you’re not proud to show, even to your own mirror, you’re not liking yourself… and then it’s very hard to find a girlfriend as no one will find you attractive with such a mindset. It wasn’t a body issue as even fat men can find a girlfriend, the problem was inside my head… the problem was me ! But thanks to HGH… and all the benefits it brought me both physically and mentally, i was ready to find one ! And so yes i began to search for one, and i met many girls through internet… Because of my new body i’ve attracted many, and the old virgin guy which couldn’t even get a kiss from the most ugly women, became overtime a man wanted by women.

Ohohoh !! Big words ! but can we get a little proof of it ?
Marco HGH Pills Real Consumer
Sure ! here’s one picture during the summer 2012. Though you will notice i was eating a little more, and so i took back some weight… But as i said before my mindset was now changed forever thanks to GenF20 HGH, and even if i had not a “perfect body” anymore like in 2008… i was feeling very good like that anyway, and i could go seduce even the most attractive chicks. That doesn’t mean i was successfull everytime lol, but at least i was trying my luck everytime !

A beautiful model in 2012

By the way speaking of your body in 2008, could you show us ?…
Marco HGH Pills Real Consumer
Oh yeah no problems ! here are 2 pictures of my body in 2008, where i was spending easily 8 hours a week in a gym club. It’s not perfect of course lol… but for me it was ! Remember i was coming from far below ground, with a fat body of nerd never doing sport and sinking my depression into drinks. (beers)

My body in 2008 after years of training and HGH Supplements

That’s a hard and good looking body ! no doubts about it !
Marco HGH Pills Real Consumer
Thanks to GenF20… of course it’s not HGH which eliminated the fat all by itself, but without this product i would never… and i say it again Never ! have been able to do what i did in order to look at what i have today. It made me a real man ! i didn’t know HGH, i took the first step and tryed it, and the results have blown out all my expectations. So of course now i recommend HGH to all the people i know who are feeling bad in their lifes, and who don’t know how to change them.
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